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Hashtag #Cube Review (Tomoson)

Disclaimer: I received the Hashtag Cube, in exchange for honest review. No other compensation was provided. This post also contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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I received the Hashtag Cube, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The #Cube is an Instagram viewer. When the product first arrives, you need to charge it. Once charged, you can disconnect the adapter and let it run on it's own, similar to a phone or tablet. Then, you connect your wi-fi and Instagram account.

You power on the device, using the circle button at the top of the screen.
Next, you can view multiple types of feeds on the #Cube. First, you can view your normal, regular feed. You also can view by hashtag, likes. popularity, and user.

Third, you can like and unlike posts. The #Cube has a heart at the top of the device. You can like photos this way or you can tap the screen twice and click the heart in the corner of the photo.

You also can follow and unfollow people. When you click on a photo, you can flip it to the right (touch screen). The new screen will show you the user name, real name, followers, following, likes, date and time. There is also a follow  button. If you are already following someone, it says following.

Fourth, you can watch videos on the #Cube. You can adjust the video settings (such as auto play) in the settings. To reach the settings, click the hashtag button (middle button) at the top of the screen. The middle button also lets you change the feeds, change settings, switch accounts, update the device, etc.

Of course, just like any device, you need to remember to charge it.

I liked the device, but I have noticed issues, when the battery power gets low. For example, if you press the heart button to like a photo, it may take a few presses. Sometimes, it also gets stuck on a feed. I tried to switch feeds and it took a few minutes before the #Cube switched from my main feed to my #tomoson feed.

You can purchase the Hashtag Cube, using the link above. The #Cube comes in black, white, and classic. You also can order on Amazon and Ebay.


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