Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dance Crazy Bachata Review (Tomoson)

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According to Google,Bachata is "a style of romantic music originating in the Dominican Republic." 

I received the Learn To Dance Bachata, Bachata Dance Mastery System, 3 DVD Set: A Step-By-Step Guide To Bachata Dancing, in exchange for review from Tomoson. The videos was designed by the creators of the Dance Crazy and Salsa Crazy series. 

The cds include beginners, intermediate, and expert. The video is accompanied by latin/salsa music. 

The video is taught by Alison Hurwitz and Jesus Ortiz. 

The video starts with Ortiz and Hurwitz teaching about the history of Bachata. Then the instructors teach step by step, how to bachata from multiple angles. You will learn things like hip triplet. I am still learning the first movement. I have no rhythm and struggle with dancing. The videos are an excellent way to learn ballroom, bachata, salsa,and waltz, even if you are a dance dummy like me.

Only issue, I experienced was the DVD kept getting stuck in the computer.

You can purchase other Dance Crazy, Bachata Crazy, and Salsa Crazy instructional videos on Amazon. The videos are prime-eligible. 

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