Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Healthy Slow Cooking Book Review (Third Voice Marketing)

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I read All About Healthy Slow Cooking: A Very Quick Guide, in exchange for honest review from Third Voice Marketing. The book was written by Linda Larsen.

What I liked about the book was it encourages healthier cooking in the slow cooker. For me, I normally cook rice and beans or a whole bird in the crock pot.  I even tried chicken veggie soup. Maybe a pot of chili or cheese. I never truly experimented with the crock pot.

The first section focused on basic crockpotting: the sizes, temperatures, features. I never knew crocks came in all those types, such as heating up to stove temperatures. The book also briefly discussed pressure cookers (which I want one day) and rice cookers (which I have. Need a new one).

I also liked the preparation and cooking tips throughout the book. Some of the don'ts, I have been guilty of or I know someone, who has. Don't put the ceramic pot in the stove, like my sister did. Don't put frozen foods in the crock pot (like I have).

Some recipes I liked included the Marinara Sauce, the chicken noodle soup, and the wild rice soup since I eat a lot of rice. I also was drawn to the honey mustard chicken and veggies.

You can purchase this book on Amazon. The book is available in Kindle and Paperback format. The book is also prime-eligible.

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