Sunday, December 14, 2014

Get Bats Out Industrial Toilet Plunger Review and Giveaway (Tomoson)

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I received Get Bats Out Industrial Grade Toilet Plunger, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson.

The first plunger, I was sent, was damaged. The box was damaged and the stick was damaged. Not the sponsor's fault. Customer service was excellent and sent me a new one.

I wanted to review the plunger to have my own in this house. The house has 2.5 bathrooms and needs 3 plungers. Nothing like having your toilet backed up and can't find the plunger.

My mother's plunger is on it's last legs. You have to do more labor to get it to work. The plunger part no longer functions. The downstairs potty needs a permanent plunger since it's the mens bathroom and worst bathroom.

Which leaves my bathroom. On those rare occasions, the kids throw a whole roll of tissue down the toilet and other items, I need a good plunger.

Still though, during the time, I had it, the plunger worked well on all three bathroom toilets. The plunger does require a little extra pressure since the plunger is more stronger, if that's the right word, than other plungers.

You can purchase the plunger on Amazon. It is prime eligible.


Enter to win a industrial grade toilet from Get Bats. Giveaway ends on the 17th. Winners names must be submitted before the 18th.

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