Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ozeri 3X Tower Fan Review (Ozeri)

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I received Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology in exchange for honest review from Ozeri. I wanted to review the fan as a replacement to another Ozeri Fan, which went out and now started back working, once my 3 year old, banged it a few times lol.

The fan consists of 3 tower fans, which can be individually turned on or off. The fan also comes with 3 speeds; a remote control; 3 modes of operation; and a spin mode. The fan also comes with a timer. The fan is not quiet either.

Next, the fan has a shift button, which allows you to turn each fan off. Once all three are off, the fan is off.

The fan was easy to assemble (see video) and easy to operate, but I did have issues.

First, the screw at the bottom, which connects the base and tower, keeps coming loose. The fan will start leaning when the screw moves. No matter how tight I adjust the screw, it still comes loose. The fan has toppled over multiple times a day.

Next, the fan collects dust. I have not figured out how to clean the dust out yet.

Third, I knocked one of the pegs at the base off when I was carrying the fan down the steps. The knob hit a step and it came off. Hasn't been seen since. I do wonder how to knock over the rest, so it will be flat against the floor.

Other than that, the fan works great. The air circulates and cools the room. You can purchase the fan on Amazon. The fan is prime eligible.

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