Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reasons my kid is crying by Greg Pembroke Book Review (Blogging for Books)

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I read Reasons My Kid Is Crying (Paperback) - Common by Greg Pembroke, in exchange for honest review from Blogging for Books. I received a paperback copy of the book.

Pembroke took photos from his children and  readers of his blog: Reasons my son is crying and developed the ideas into a book. The book shows photos of children crying, next to the reasons why.

I decided to compile a few photos of Kalen (my son) and Sariyah (great-niece) crying over the past few years.

In this pic, the top left pic was Kalen crying because he didn't want to go to Camp Carnival. The top right, he cried because I refused to pick him up. I don't remember why the toddlers was crying in the bottom two pics.

In the top left pic, Kalen was crying because he was in his pony and couldn't figure out how to escape (He did later on though). In the other three pictures, he was crying because my niece kept blowing air in his face.

In the past few weeks, Kalen has cried because I refused to carry him up the stairs. He cried because I wouldn't pour his water from one cup to another. He cried because he had to get his blood pressure taken.

The book is an hilarious take on why kids are crying. Even the kids got a good laugh out of the book. My nephew wants to borrow the book after I finish writing the review.


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