Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hush Hush Panties Review and Giveaway (Wearever)

This post was sponsored by Wearever. I did not receive compensation for this promotion.

Wearever, known for their incontinence products, such as mattress pads and underwear, has developed a line of underwear for light bladder leakage, the occasional leak, and moisture. . Keeping you dry is Wearever's little secret.

The hush hush panties comes in three styles: full cut, seamless, and french cut.

I had received a coupon code for a contest, they was holding earlier. After paying for shipping, I received a pair of black, seamless panties. I wanted the panties because sometimes when I sneeze or laugh, I can leak. No one has to know I am wearing panties for light bladder leakage.

The panties are comfortable, stylish,  and have a thicker lining for leakage. The panties also do not have an odor when you leak too. I wanted to try the panties because sometimes when I sneeze or cough, a leak occurs. You can be confident, Hush Hush will keep you dry when you wear them.

You don't have to wear big, bulky diapers or feminine pads or liners. Just put on the underwear and viola. The underwear also has built in odor protection.

Hush Hush Panties also include an innovative, unique dri three-layer absorbent pad . The pad can hold up to 3 ounces of liquid. The top layer lets liquid in The middle layer moves liquid out to the edges of the fabric and wicking it away, so it doesn't leak. The bottom layer, made from urethane, prevents leaks from going through.

Hush Hush is manufactured and distributed by Prime Life Fibers, who has more than 20 years of experience making clothing for health and wellness.

The panties are also washable and reusable, compared to purchasing depends. My son wears depends. I spent between 80 and 150 dollars each month on his supplies, including adult wipes.

You get free shipping on all 6 pack orders. Each pair costs 10 bucks each. My son's depends costs almost 20 dollars each.


Panties Giveaway: Be one of the first 2000 to fill out the survey and earn a free pair of Hush Hush Panties. If you are not one of the first 2000, you will get a code for a discount on the underwear.

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