Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All Right Here Book Review (Tyndale House)

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I read All Right Here (The Darlings Book 1), in exchange for honest review from Tyndale Blog Network.

I read the book in exchange for honest review. I wasn't sure what to expect with the book, but I was impressed by the writing style in the first half of the book. I also liked how "wonderful" Ivy's sisters-in-law treated her. The book was a decent read, but I definitely need to purchase it in the future since the ARC expired.

I wanted to read the book because Ivy was infertile and wanted kids and I wanted to know more about her. She is quite a character. She is not accepted fully into her husband's family, even as a child, when they all went to the same church.

The book is different from other Tyndale House books, I have read and reviewed because there isn't a Christian theme running throughout the book.

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