Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What about my husband Lord by Mary Turek Book Review (BookLook Bloggers)

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I read “What About My Husband, Lord?: Encouragement and Wisdom For Single and Married Women” in exchange for honest review from BookLook Bloggers. The book was written by Mary Turek.

I wanted to review the book because I am newly single-happily divorced. I was separated for 9 years before the divorce papers was filed. 30 days later, divorced.

I have been celibate for almost 4 years and realized sometime this year, I need a husband. I don’t like being single and need some companionship. I also need help with the kiddies.. After going to the Bahamas, this weekend, I realized I needed more support with them. Of course, there is that love thing, I dread. And before love, you have to date.

I have to get past my fears and start dating, in order to find husband #2, the one God has for me.

It took a lot for me to get to this point, where I realized I want to get married again. Can’t believe I am typing that out.

One of the first things, which stood out in the book is allowing God to be your match-maker. I didn’t let God be the match-maker during the first marriage. There was plenty of red flags, but I ignored them because I didn’t want to be alone. I also wanted to prove a few people wrong, who thought I would never get married because I wasn’t feminine enough. I didn’t care for hair or nails or dating, even in high school.

I liked the man, but I am not sure if I truly loved him. Someone on Facebook was saying years ago, how she still had feelings and some sort of love for her ex-husband. I was like, not me. I have no feelings left for the ex.

God was giving me signs, including a dream, I never mentioned to anyone, and I married the man anyway. We met online in September 1998, met in person in January 1999, and married in January 2000, a year to the date we met in person.

I WAS NOT READY TO GET MARRIED AND BE A STEP MOM AT 19. God should have been in control and he was not. Marriage failed and next marriage, I want God to be the lead and not the tail.

Turek discussed how God will show you the (wo)man you will marry, if you just trust and wait on him. She also said when God shows you your mate, a sense of peace come over you, letting you know this is from the Lord versus yourself.

I did not have that sense of peace when I got married.

Turek also provided a few tips, while waiting:
1.     Ask God to guard your heart, so you will know your God-ordained mate, versus the others. Guarding your heart will help protect your feelings and emotions from the wrong ones.
2.     You have to keep your eyes on God in the process
3.     Use wisdom and discernment when telling folks God is your matchmaker. Some people will not understand.

The book also provides wisdom and insight for married women as well. Such as honoring your husband and releasing God’s word over your husband.

Finally, the book provides encouragement for all women, no matter their marital status, such as finding God’s plan for your life.


  1. Thank you for posting your review. I just started reading this book today. Lifting you and your family up in prayer today. God bless you and yours!

    1. Thank you for commenting. I read the book on the way home from a trip. very insightful. God bless you and your family too


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