Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Passion Principles: Celebrating Sexual Freedom in Marriage Book Review (Book Look Bloggers)

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I received The Passion Principles: Celebrating Sexual Freedom in Marriage in exchange for honest review from Book Look Bloggers (formerly Book Sneeze). I received a paperback copy of the book. The book was written by Sharon Ethridge. I have read one of her other books before, The Fantasy Fallacy, which discusses how fantasies may cause unwanted expectations in relationships. For my review on the Fantasy Fallacy, click the link above.

When I reviewed Etheridge's other book, I was celibate for two years. Currently, I been celibate for four years. I have read books about purity and celibacy, but this is one of the first books, I have read about sex and marriage.

I review for BookLook Bloggers

The book is Christian and written from a marriage point of view. The book teaches how to experience sexual freedom in marriage. I was married for five years and hated sex with a passion. I didn't want to be touched, let alone communicate what I liked and didn't like.

I had little sexual experience before I got married and that was a big factor.

The book is spiritual, enlightening, and in some cases funny. Etheridge said if any passages in the book offends you, get a sharpie and cross them out, but keep reading the book. :-) The book also has questions for reflection, such as "What kind of sex-negative messages have you received in life?) (p. 10).

My favorite parts of the book included. (pages numbers first)

P. 4: "If Christian couples cannot have phenomenal sex lives given the personal spiritual connection we have with the Author and originator of sex, then who in the world can?"

P. 7 The section, which starts at the bottom of page 7, which asks "How is your relationship with God sexual in nature?"

P. 11 The section about Why does God Say we have to be married to have sex?

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