Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mountasia Houston Review (US Family Guide)

This post is sponsored by US Family Guide bloggers program. I received 4 play passes in exchange for honest review.

The family and I went to Mountasia Houston yesterday. I was not sure what to expect, since I never been before. After taking forever to pick up my nephew from his mother's job, we finally headed out, toll road and all to Mountasia.

The car was packed with my mother, niece, great-niece, sons, and nephew.

Mountasia had bumper boats, go-karts, arcade, mini-golf, and of course food.

The first thing, which stood out, was the layout. The food station was between the arcade and the tables. As soon as we walked in, we had to curve around the people, waiting for food, to walk around. The area was congested. Between people trying to find a seat to waiting for food to the arcade. My son had to look for a seat. He took a seat from a birthday party first, before my niece found him another one.

We ended up back in line to eat. The kitchen was backed up but the food was made fresh. I loved the potato patch fries (cheese and bacon covered fries). I loved the regular fries. Then, one of the staff, brought out funnel cake. I have not had funnel cake since working for Aramark in 2006. The funnel cake was good. Popcorn was good. Dipping dots-great way to end the trip.

The potato patch fries cost 6.99 each (I bought 2). The regular fries was around 3 bucks. Funnel cake was 3.99. Dipping dots was 3.99, I think. Popcorn was 2 something. I forgot how much drinks cost.

Then, we headed outside. My nephew got on the bumper boats. After the infamous Schlitterbahn trip,  I am not getting on any water activities with Brad ever again, so we watched my nephew spin around in circles. It was hilarious.

Instagram video of my nephew and the bumper boats

I also watched the go-karts and mini-golf games going on. Mountasia had a big track, which curved around, over and under. Double and single carts. The staff proclaimed the rules before people started their engines. I liked how the families interacted. Mountasia also had batting cages. There was a group of teenagers, who was batting without their helmets. The area seems more self-regulated. The batting cages needs staff near by. I moved away quickly before I witnessed a concussion.

The toddlers, Brad, and I then, moved to see the arcade. Since, I was not trying to spend too much money, I cashed in 2 bucks for the arcade. The toddlers and Brad played a spider game, similar to Whack-a-mole, but with your feet. The three of them, plus myself was killing virtual spiders. Brad also played  a car-racing game.

Then, the trouble began:

Brad did not want to leave the arcade. He started showing his Autistic side and his teen angst side. He was screaming and I did not want to lose my cool. I just wanted to leave the arcade with 3 kids and move back outside, where I don't have to bump into anyone. I also did not have his medication or melatonin with me, to calm him down. I was on my own.

After what seemed like 15 to 20 minutes, I finally got him to leave by drinking his drink. He didn't like that. We left the arcade. I bought some dipping dots and popcorn, and left the building--to the parking lot.

Will I go back again? I am not sure but not with my kids.

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