Tuesday, April 1, 2014

101 Color and Sing Bible Stories by Stephen Elkins Review (Tyndale House)

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I read 101 Color & Sing Bible Stories by Stephen Elkins, in exchange for honest review from Tyndale House. I received a hardback (padded) copy the book. The book also came with 2 CDS, filled with music and coloring pages.

I wanted to read the book for my kids, especially the two year old. The book contains bible stories. Each story has accompanying coloring book pages and a song. At the top of each page, you have the disc number, song number, and coloring page number. Each page also has a fun fact and bible story.

On the opposite page of each story, you have a beautiful illustration. The toddler loved the music, on the CDs. I also liked reading the stories to him.

I am still working on getting him to color anything. :-).

You can download a master list of stories and songs here

The book is available on Amazon. The book is also prime-eligible.

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