Friday, March 28, 2014

Carolyn Woods Book Reviews (Business to Blogger)

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First, I read Successful Home Business Ideas For People Who Love Household Help and Services: Work From Home In A Business You Love in exchange for honest review. The book provides ideas on how to start a home business. Some ideas include housecleaning and catering. I used to clean houses. One of the best jobs ever. I clean, they pay. I have not cleaned houses in years since I moved to Houston. No car. No bus line.

I also have ran errands for people in Atlanta, starting at $20, depending on what I have to do. Everyone has a marketable talent. Maybe you can clean, cook, or even blog. Maybe you love walking dogs. Or, converting a book into Kindle format for an author.

The book was a quick read. The author provided tips on starting 9 businesses plus tips on how to market and price yourself.

Next, I read Successful Home Business Ideas For People Who Love Shopping and Crafting: Work From Home In A Business You Love. In this book, Woods discussing selling items, such as crafts online. You can sell on Craigslist, Etsy, Ebay, or maybe set up an online website. Woods discusses how to find items to tell; how to determine price; and shipping. The book was a quick read. The book provides ideas to get started. Good read.

Third, Successful Home Business Ideas for People Who Love Writing!: Work From Home In A Business You Love discusses writing and selling a book online and writing for others. I love self-publishing. All of my books have been self-published through Lulu, Amazon, or Smashwords. Writing a book isn't as easy as it seems. First, you have to write about something. Then, edit; create covers; publish online. If you have errors, then you have to fix them before a website accepts the book. The book was a good read. It touched on the beginning steps of book writing. I would have expanded more on preparing a book for Kindle. I went from amateur to pro quickly when I started working on the Kindle editions of my books.

Next, I read Successful Home Business Ideas: Developing a Budget and Income Plan To Get Your Business Started: Work From Home In A Business You Love!. Woods briefly touches on income plans. She also discusses setting your goals, so you know how to develop the income plan. Woods also discusses listing your strengths and skills to learn how to generate income. Finally, Woods discusses expenses: tracking and reducing them. The expense section was my favorite since I just finished another round of financial management classes at church.

Finally, I reviewed Homeschooling for the Smart, Energetic, and Easily Bored: Hands-on Learning Methods for Your Gifted, ADHD, or Just Plain Wiggly Child. I wanted to review the book because I used to homeschool Brad. Brad has Autism and ADHD. Homeschooling became too much. Brad became more antsy. I didn't feel like attending live classes and completing most of his work (even though the school knew Brad can't read or write). Oh Yeah, the teacher wanted student participation from my child, who can't say 2 or most of the ABCS. yeah, got burned out quick during the second year. Some days Brad did not want to do any work, except art. He would run out of the room, when he had online speech therapy. Not to mention, he was not always woke during live classes because of his meds.

Anyway, some tips include:

  1. Working in smaller steps. Instead of tackling on a big assignment at once, you can break the assignment down into smaller steps to work on each day. 
  2. Develop a reward system for accomplishments
  3. Relax. Sometimes parents need to relax. Kids will have good days and bad days. No point in torturing yourself

Woods also provided links to websites for additional learning.

The books are available on Amazon. The books are also prime-eligible.

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