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500 Hats of a Modern Day Woman by Joyce Ellis Book Review (Litfuse)

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About the book (From Litfuse)

In The 500 Hats of a Modern-Day Woman you'll find strength, purpose, and perspective to balance your many roles-and gain insight into the roles of women around you. With honesty, humor, and practicality, Joyce Ellis helps you see how your roles can fit together to make a difference in your world. Questions for reflection or discussion at the end of each chapter make this book suitable for book clubs and small-group Bible studies as well.

About the Author:

Joyce K. Ellis, award-winning author of more than a dozen books, speaks for women's groups and retreats across the country and internationally. She and her husband enjoy reading by lakes and rivers and oceans, and spending time with their grown children and delightful, too-quickly-growing grandchildren. They live in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My Review

I received 500 Hats of a Modern-Day Woman: Strength for Today's Demanding Role in exchange for honest review from Litfuse. I received a PDF copy of the book. I wanted to read the book because we, as women, wear different hats or roles.

For example, I am a:
  • Mother and caregiver
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Blogger
  • Student Journalist
  • Friend
  • Confidant
  • Woman practicing celibacy
  • Crazy woman
  • soon to be divorced woman
I have many roles. Some I like. Some I love. Some I disdain. Some I despise. Yet, I still have to take time out and teach the kids something. Take those precious minutes and take a long shower. Read Kalen a page out of  whatever book he brings me. Make sure to give Brad his meds. Wake up in the morning to make sure Brad gets up for school.

I liked the chapter about marriage. Sometimes women get married and don't have a clue what they are getting into. I definitely had no clue. I didn't like being married. Wasn't sure if it was for me. It lost its appeal quickly. We lasted through one session of pre-marital counseling. I was not comfortable telling another human being my problems, especially when the pastor/counselor was my ex's uncle. I am a natural introvert and counseling was painful for me.

Ellis discussed instead of competing with her husband for time and whatever else, she cooperated and helped him along. For example, she said she was not a fan of football. Could not understand her husband's obsession. Then, she decided to cooperate with his interests. She watched games with him. She bought t-shirts for both of them. He also started learning to accommodate her interests. Steve would gather up the kids after church, while Ellis sung in the choir for second service.

Then Ellis discussed one of my biggest joys, biggest frustrations, motherhood. I have another level: special needs motherhood. I never imagined I would have kids, let alone special needs kids. Many night (and days), I wonder why God blessed me with special needs kids. I lack patience. I'm slightly off. I'm anal when it comes to certain things. I don't always like to talk to myself because my kids don't comprehend the words.I definitely was not expecting a 13 year old and a two year old in the same year lol. Some of my latest blessings and let downs included;

  1. Kalen learned to say the word NO
  2. Kalen learned how to move a chair to get what he wants, including climbing on top of the freezer.
  3. Kalen kicked me in the eye last night, while sleep, knocking off my glasses
  4. Brad tosses his diapers wherever, instead of the trash bags or diaper pail. 
  5. Brad has not had any complaints from school in a few weeks. 

Ellis said mothers need God. We can't do it alone. We need to seek him. Seek out his wisdom. Set limits. Write things down in the calendar (because I will forget).

At the end of each chapter, Ellis provides websites and books for future reference. She also presents discussion questions for personal or small group bible study. What sets the discussion questions apart is many refer back to the bible. Read a verse, then answer the question. I also like the thoughts to ponder. 

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