Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bingo Bash Review (Blog Dash)

I reviewed Bingo Bash for a campaign on Blog Dash. I am being compensated for this post.

I never heard of Bingo Bash, prior to this campaign. I do love Bingo, at least when I win :-). I havent played Bingo in years on top of years. The last time, I played, I was on a Carnival Cruise. I played the free games, then I left when my free cards ran out. Since I never brought money or spent money on a cruise (with a credit card), I didn't want to run a debt, I could not pay back.

I started playing the game on Facebook, when I read the email from BlogDash. I never heard of Bingo Bash before, but I knew Zynga made a similar game, which I also have not played in a while. I wanted to understand the concept of the game before agreeing to write about it.

I also wanted to know if you needed to buy power-ups or make friends to advance in the game. Next, I wanted to see if the game was energy-driven. Energy-driven to me, means once your energy, or in this case, chips runs out, you can't play until your energy recharges.

In the game, you need red chips. Players receive X amount (depends on level) each day to play. Once your chips run out, you have to wait until the chips reset to play again. You also can earn or buy chips.

The game also allows players to complete collections to earn chips. You earn items for collections during the game. 

Starting the game:

The game starts out with a tutorial, the moves into the real games. In the real games, you choose how many cards you want to play (maximum 4 cards), then wait for the game to start. Each card is worth a X amount of red chips. The beginning rooms use fewer chips, such as the Sphinx Wonder Room (1 chip per card). As you move up in levels, you will need more chips to play a game. The featured rooms also vary in amount of chips to purchase a card. 

Once the game starts, the game starts calling out numbers. The player daubs (selects) the number on the cards, if there is a match. The game also has a window, to the right, which shows all numbers previously called. When you have BINGO, you click the BINGO button at the bottom of the card(s). One round, I completely forgot to mark Bingo because I thought it would do it automatically. Lesson learned. 

You can win multiple bingos per round. 

Each game as a maximum amount of Bingos to win. As people win, the amount goes down. The game also shows winners on the left-hand side. The game also dings (makes a sound) when a BINGO is called.

Once the game reaches MAX Bingos, the round is over. You can buy more cards, if you have enough chips, and play when the round starts. 

Bingo Rooms:

The game features Bingo Rooms. Each room has a different theme. Each game also has a different price to buy cards.  Each room also has different amount of maximum bingos. For example , two of the Wonder rooms are called Palm Island and the Sphinx. The game also has featured rooms such as Lucky and Elemental.


You can earn gems, playing Bingo, then use the gems to buy tournament chips. Tournament chips are blue chips. You can buy a maximum of 4 cards in tournaments.


You also can use power-ups to help the game. Some power-ups give you extra chips to play more rounds. Some help you win an automatic bingo, if a certain number is called.


FAQS are provided. The FAQs explains the games and power-ups.

Bingo Bash is available on Facebook, Kindle, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

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  1. It is annoying I can't play the tournament on my iphone or my ipad!


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