Saturday, January 18, 2014

I don't want to do your dang taxes, no matter how much you ask

I hate dealing with money, except my own. I don't like working in finance jobs. I don't want to be a cashier.

In the past year, I have worked to be more financially secure. I took a class at church, in addition to recently enrolled in an online course, to get out of debt. Even won a House Party for Alexa Tobel and Financially Fearless.

When I stayed in Atlanta, I enrolled in the Jackson Hewitt Tax Course in 2006, but did not get a job because I couldn't make it to graduation due to lack of transportation.

The class was held in Cobb County. I lived in Fulton County. I rode the bus for almost two hours to attend class, to obtain a job in my county. The problem was the final class and graduation was on a Sunday. Busses ran in Fulton, but not in Cobb on Sundays. I offered someone cash for a ride to and from Cobb Parkway, but he did not show up.

I chose Jackson Hewitt because when I had a job, I always filed my taxes with them. Might as well get paid something then.

When I was enrolled for my bachelors, people assumed I had this math and accounting down because I made perfect A's. Yet, No one saw I hard I studied and practiced at home, to make sure I did not have to take a math or financial class again. I knew my weaknesses and worked to improve them.

Last year, both my daddy and sister asked me to do their taxes--not in paper form, but on Turbo Tax. I hated every minute of it. Even though, they paid me, I had no interest in their finances. I went line by line on their W-2s and unemployment forms, entering the information online. I even had to call Turbo Tax to figure out how to do an amendment because both of them forgot, they had more than one w-2.

When I was done, I printed off their paperwork, using my ink, a little over 40 pages for each of them. At the top of the first document, I wrote down their user names and passwords, so the Wyatt's can check on refund status later. I did not read the documents. No interest in them. I told both of them, to mail off some of the forms and keep the rest for records.

All year, I got pestered and bothered about potential refund checks. Once again, I didn't read their paperwork. I got pestered about their user names and passwords. Once again, I did not save them to my computer or e-mail. I thought they would leave me alone--I was way wrong.

I am still being bothered. It's freaking tax season again.

Even though I told these idiots, I don't want to deal with their W-2's or Turbo Tax again, they are still asking. Even raised the amount, they wanted to pay me. My daddy has been bugging me since December to file his paperwork. My sister, Rachel, started bugging me a few days ago.

I asked Rachel, a simple question, De donde esta la paperwork from 2013?, in other words, Where is your freaking paperwork? My Spanish sucks. She mailed ALL the paperwork back off, including the forms for her records. The cover sheet, I wrote her user name and password on. She also told me Turbo Tax never heard of her, when she entered her social security number.

Well, they got until April to figure it out. Maybe they are the reason, America is a billion dollars in the hole, when it comes to filing your own taxes LMAO.

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