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Dresses First Prom Dresses (Sverve)

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post, courtesy of Dress First and Sverve. I am being compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Dress First: Prom Dresses

 My Prom Story:

I graduated high school in 1998, almost 16 years ago. I never thought about attending prom until the last minute. Each senior received a prom ticket, if they paid their senior fees. I had no intentions of going. I also did not want to take a date, if I did, unless he was a senior, because I did not want my family to pay for a ticket, if he could not afford it.

When I was in 10th grade, I signed up for a new class, AFJROTC. I was happy to be a part of the introductory unit. Every year, the unit hosted a military ball. The ball was worth 2, 100’s. I was going because it was an easy A. Put on a formal dress. Go eat. Get an A. Simple. I had no intentions on bringing a date. I did not date in high school and had no interest in starting.

My annoying relatives, primarily my grandma and aunt, thought I needed a date, whether I wanted to or not. My aunt had a friend, who lived near her, who had a grandson, 9th grader. Tall, scrawny, black boy. They paid for his tuxedo and his tickets. My grandma also paid for me, a very hideous dress. I was a big girl: 225 lbs and my grandma loved Lane Bryant. I thought the dress was ugly. This was the time when big girls had to settle for whatever fashion they can find. It was a black and gold shiny mess.

I took the heathen with me to the ball. He ran into an ex with her new boyfriend. He wanted to fight the new dude over the girl. I walked away. He won’t be messing with my grades.

When prom time, came years later. I wore the same dress, I wore to the 12th grade military ball. A white and black formal dress, at least I think it was, I barely remember. I only wanted to go because I was hungry. My family barely cooked, not to mention we was broke. My belly was rumbling and I remembered I had a prom ticket. I got dressed. Someone did my hair. My mama drove me to the venue. I got out the car. Went straight for the food, and then took photos, until I got bored and called home (from a Payphone. Ahhh the 90s).

Dress First

Dress First offers a wide selection of prom dresses. You don’t have to wait until the last minute, like I did to decide to go, or buy a dress. You don't have to wear a winter dress to a spring formal. :-) The site offers over 700 prom dresses. Strapless. Formal. Floorlength. Cut outs. Cleavage. Spaghetti straps. Dresses for plus size girls. Halters.  One-strap.

The dresses come in pretty colors and reasonable prices. The site also has a free shipping sale, if a dress is ordered by the 15th. 

Some of my favorite dresses included:

The A-Line/Princess Halter Watteau Train Halter Dress. The dress comes in my size. It also comes in purple. I also like how the dress is versatile. I can wear it for other events, besides the prom. 

A-Line/Princess Halter Watteau Train Halter Dress. 
The dress is cute, fancy, and under $200.
Sheath, Sweetheart, Asymmetrical, Taffeta Prom Dress with Ruffle. 

A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Sweep Train Chiffon Prom Dress With Ruffle Lace Beading Flower(s)

A-Line/Princess Halter Floor-Length Chiffon Prom Dress With Ruffle Beading
A few things I love about the site: You can choose which dresses you want by price, style, embellishment, color, hem line, fabric, back style, season, neckline, and silhouette. You also can select from general and plus sizes. 

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