Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Almonds Candies Product Review (BrandBacker)

I reviewed Five Almonds, in response to a Brandbacker Campaign. I received a sample of candies in the mail. The candies were created by Le Cinq Amandes.

About 5 Almonds

5 Almonds provides candies and chocolates for reasonable prices. Some of the product offerings include:

  • Artisan Chocolates and Caramels
  • Meringue Candy
  • Cocoa Gems
  • Pistachios
  • Chocolate Clusters
You also can create signature gifts from a simple collection of almonds to a more, elaborate, lacquered, art box

My Review:

A few days ago, I received a sample of candies in the mail from Five Almonds. I went to the mailbox and saw I had two packages in the mail for review. As soon as I opened the 5 Almonds Box and said Candy, I heard the patter of big and little feet infringing upon my space.

The candies were beautifully displayed. The long, clear tube of candy and the caramels were easy to open. The black box was a little difficult. It was a a box in a box with tabs to open. Took me a few minutes to get the box open.

Needless to say, the candies did not last long. Between myself, my kids, niece, great niece, and nephew, the candies did not last long. Gone in under two hours.

The candies was excellent. The samples had chocolate covered almonds; meringue candy; caramel; and chocolate-covered pistachios. I loved the almonds, meringue, and pistachios.  My kids, nieces, and nephews loved everything.

We wanted more candy. I went to the website, thinking the candies was expensive, but I was wrong. The candies are in my price range. I can order more for under $10.

The 5 Almonds is giving readers 10% off, using code HOLIDAY10. 

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