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Mighty League StoryBook Review: Volume 1: The Terrible Taunting, Blog Tour, and iPad Giveaway (Litfuse)

I reviewed Mighty League Storybook, in exchange for review from Litfuse. Mighty League is a interactive, narrated storybook for iPads, Ipods, and Mac computers.  The app is also for Kindle Fire, PC, and Android phones . The app is 3.99 to download.

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About the App:

The app is an interactive, narrated story book in the App Store. The app is based on JMan, Johnathan Murphy, and his real life adventures, having Aspergers Syndrome. The book was written by his sister, Molly Murphy and narrated by Johnathan Murphy. The age range for the app is 5 to 11. 

The app has built-in special features. You can change the main character from JMan to Jaycee, a female super-heroine. You also can touch Mr. Redge on each page and a secret notebook pops up with information on Aspergers, being different, and bullying. Next, the app has built in sounds and animations. Third, the app has an original, theme song, I'm Unique, I'm a geek., sung by children's artist, AndyZ. Finally, the app has project-based learning curriculum, which aligns with Common Core State Standards. 

The app follows the story of Jaycee (female) or JMan, and their hedgehog, Mr. Redge. I used Jaycee when I was reviewing the app. Jaycee is on her way to school. She is sensitive to certain food textures. She doesn't like it when things are out of order. She is also very communicative. Jaycee noticed when another student at school was getting bullied. Jaycee also loves to wear a cape.

My Review:

I have two kids with special needs. Brad is 13. He is Autistic and ADHD, with sensory issues. Kalen is two years old. He has a global delay, in addition to a heart condition. I loved the app. This is my first app I reviewed from the App store. The app is interactive, with built-in animations and narration. You can click on each panel to see different animations. For example, on the first page, panel two, the Jaycee jumps out of the bed, when you click on her. Your kids can have fun finding the different animations. The comic book has easy navigation, with left and right buttons, a home button, and a back button, depending on the page. Your kids also can click on speech bubbles as well. When JMan/Jaycee was talking about frogs, (s) he was highly communicative. 

I also love how you can turn the narration and sound off. Next, I like how you can change the character from a boy to a girl. 

Second, the app is part of a program called Blackfish. Blackfish was developed by CustomizaBooks. You can purchase more free and paid books using Blackfish. 

Another feature is that you can record narration. Instead of Johnathan Murphy's voice, you can record your own. Change the character's names to your kid's names. 

Fourth, I love the notebook feature. I didn't realize the feature was available at first, but it provides information about Aspergers Syndrome and bullying. When you click on Mr. Redge (the hedgehog), the app opens up the notebook. Look for the small hedgehog on each page. 

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