Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12 days of Christmas Book Reviews (Litfuse)

I read three books for review from Litfuse. The books included:

  • A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer
  • Silent Night by Colleen Gobel
  • Holy Night by Colleen Gobel
  • A Plain Peace by Beth Wiseman

My Reviews:

A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer

The book is about Rose, who lives in an Amish community. She is living in the middle of The Great Depression. She is dating Johnathan, but he isn't ready to get married. Johnathan went to fight in the Second World War, which affected Rose's and Johnathan's relationship. I liked reading the book--more like letting the Kindle read the book to me. It was a good listen.

Silent Night by Colleen Gobel

The book is about Bree. The scene is Christmas Time and everyone is preparing to deal with annoying relatives. A mama is coming to visit, who really hasn't been there for her child. Kade and Bree seems to be happy. Kade and Bree have a son named Davy and a dog named Samson. Bree is grieving from a miscarriage. Then her sister, Lauri, visits. Someone, a parachuter is missing and Lauri may know more than what she has revealed. 

Holy Night by Colleen Gobel

The book is about a wedding but it may not go as planned.

A Plain Peace

A Plain Peace an Amish Book. The book is part of the Daughters of Promise series. The book is number 6 of the series.The book does provide a family tree, just in case you didn't read the first five books in the series. I also like how the book contains a dictionary of Amish words. 

The book is about Anna, who is looking for her future husband. Anna lives with her grandparents, who are very strict. It does not help that Grandpa is the Bishop. Anna does not want a life, similar to her grandparents, filled with secrets. Sounds like my family. No one wants to discuss anything until it's too late. 

Jacob moves to Lancaster County. Jacob is interested in Anna, but the community is trying to deter her from dating him. 

The book was a good read. 

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