Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tired of Freaking Ants.

My room has been invaded by a bunch of ants in the last few weeks. It started when the rain started. I live on the 2nd floor and have a crack in the window. I had ants crawling behind my son's pc, printer, and keyboard. I thought I killed them all. Then, I found ants in an old candy safe, I bought two years ago and it still had lollipops in it. I took the safe out of here and killed the ants. I vacuumed every single crumb I could find.

Image retrieved from Google Images. http://migonline.com/the-number-1-summer-pest
I sprayed corners, even though I hate the smell of bug spray, even the natural kind. I put down my homemade buggy powder, which killed them slowly. Then, the ants moved to the electrical outlet, between the crib and my son's bed. There is a little hole in the wall above the socket. The ants were crawling in and out of the hole, plus the socket. I put a child electrical lock in one socket and taped off the other socket.

Today, I am working out and I noticed a Depend under Brad's bed. I moved it to put it with the other Depends. There was a million ants eating his Depends. I quickly sprayed the Depend and put it in the trash. I also sprayed under his bed. I have a bug stay-away plug-in thingie, I found downstairs. I will also lay another layer of buggy powder (powdered sugar and baking soda or baking powder) around Brad's bed.

Just sick of the freaking ants. I have to find another method to kill them faster.

Just in case the pics don't show up, I pinned my steps to making homemade buggy powder on Pinterest in the stuff I made board.

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