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Rufus and Ryan Go to Church by Kathleen Long Bostrom Book Review (FlyBy Blog Promotions)

I read Rufus and Ryan Go to Church!, in exchange for honest review from Flyby Blog Promotions. The book was written by Kathleen Long Bostrom and illustrated by Rebecca Thornburgh. The book was published by Candy Cane Press/Ideals Books.  I received a board book in the mail for review. This post does contain Amazon affiliate links and images.

About the Book:

Rufus and Ryan is geared towards pre-schoolers. Ryan is an adorable little boy, while Rufus is Ryan's stuffed monkey. The books are short reads too. The book would make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, and Easter. The book will also teach kids about going to church and what behaviors are appropriate for this setting. The book is 7.99 on Ideals Books. It is also 7.19 on Amazon for the board book and is Prime Eligible. The paperback is 19.59 on Amazon and is not Prime Eligible.

Rufus and Ryan are also featured in Rufus and Ryan say their prayers, also available on Ideal Books and Amazon.

About the author:

Kathleen Long Bostrom is a published children's author. She writes for the Christian and trade market. Kathleen has a Masters in Christian Education, in addition to a Doctorate in Ministry in Preaching. Kathleen and her husband has three adult children and live in Ililnois. 

About the Illustrator:

Rebecca Thornburgh started illustrating children's books in 1996. As of today, Thornburgh has illustrated over 100 books. Rebecca's watercolors have been featured in many of Ideal's titles, including The Story of Christmas. Rebecca lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two daughters. 

My Review:

Why I chose the book:

I wanted to review this book because I just started going back to church in 2012. I had not been previously since 2010 except once or twice. In two years, I had given birth to my two year old, in addition to having my oldest move from Georgia to Texas to live with me. I had to start going back to church, if not for me, for my children. I had to find the right church for my kids. I had three requirements: a nursery for my baby (who was almost 1 at the time); a special needs program for my oldest; and transportation to get to and from church. I don't want my kids with me in the sanctuary. They need to learn with people their own age and disability. Not to mention, they don't act right. Kalen likes to knock pens out my hand. Brad can't sit still. He also tries to run around. I have had issues with a church before that did not have a SPED program, and did not like Brad making a bunch of noise in church. When I had Brad for the weekend, I had to decide between staying at home or taking Brad to church and risk being asked to leave. I didn't even think about the pastor, but luckily, I found a great church with an excellent Pastor and assistant pastor. I googled churches but all the ones, who had special needs programs was too far away. I needed a church within reasonable distance: 30 minutes or less. I passed by my current church all the time, to go to Wal-Mart and a few other places. I have no idea what caused me to email the church, but I did. They met all my requirements and then some. The church is less than 5 minutes away from my house. Great special buddies program. The nursery program is awesome. The transportation leaders are amazing as well.

Back to the book:

In the book, Rufus and Ryan are going to church. The church is full of people, from the old to the young, including a stuffed monkey. The book teaches kids to be quiet and be still, which is something my nephew needs to do :-). When I went with my mother to church, my nephew crawled under the seats and just would not be still. In the book, Ryan listens, sings, and prays. The book will be a great read to the kids, grandkids, and other kids, in the neighborhood. Also great for church nurseries as well.

10 Tips for bringing a child to church

FlyBy Blog promotions provided an attachment with 10 tips for bringing a child to church. The tips included:

  1. Attend a child-friendly church. A child-friendly church invites children to attend worship services. It also may have children's services during worship. Find a church, which includes children in worship or has a separate program for children, so you can worship (Stacie's tip). Find a church, which will not be bothered by noise and commotion, with having younger children in the sanctuary. 
  2. Bring your child to church on a day besides Sunday Morning. Make an appointment with the church office. Get a tour of the church. Find the Sunday School rooms, bathrooms, and sanctuary. Let your child sit in the pews, flip through the bibles, flip through the song books, etc. Explain the communion table, baptismal pool, and pulpit. For example, my church does communion on the first Sunday of each month. If the church is doing baptisms, it is done after the opening prayer of the 11 am service. 8 am service does not do baptisms. Both services perform communions. 
  3. Take home a bulletin and go through the service at home, if applicable. Explain the times to sit, stand, kneel, sing, pray, and listen. If the Lord's prayer or other regular prayers are used, write down the words and let your child (ren) practice at home. Explain and Practice the tithes and offering as well. 
  4. Play Let's go to church at home. Help your child be more comfortable in church. I remember playing church and school when I was a child. 
  5. Read the bible and pray at home (which I need to do more of). Find an age-appropriate bible at home. Encourage your child to ask questions. 
  6. Sit near an aisle, where you can make an exit, if needed. I definitely believe in this tip. I sit near the end of the aisles, just in case I get paged for either children. If your child has to go to the bathroom or gets overstimulated, it will be easier to walk out versus moving down a row of people. 
  7. Be prepared with a worship note book and or bag. Bring pencils, colors, paper, coloring pages, etc for your child to play with. 
  8. Teach basic church etiquette. Speak to people before and after services. Teach kids how to shake hands and greet other people. Show and let your child put away the hymn books and bibles after services, if applicable. 
  9. Get to know the pastor. Introduce your kids to the pastor and participate in other church activities. 
  10. Don't give up. Your child may not be comfortable in worship at first. Give it time. Attend church on a regular basis. I gave up with bringing Brad with me to church. I chose to stay at home instead. Now, I take him with me. He goes to his class, Kalen goes to his class, and I go to the sanctuary and my class. 

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