Tuesday, October 29, 2013

GlamST (Glam Street) Review (Brandbacker)

I am doing a write up for GlamST, (Glam Street) in exchange for review from Brandbacker. This is an sponsored post. I will receive early access to the Website once it is launched for participation. The website will be launched in December, 2013. You can request an invite to the website and be notified when the site is operational.

GlamST is currently an app for Window's phones, which allows you to obtain beauty advice from others. My son has a Windows Phone, but I can't figure it out, to save my life.  Within the next few months, the service will be available on the internet.

The website allows you to try on virtual make-up on your face, using your own pictures; learn about new beauty trends; and learn about make-up. You also can save your looks.

The future site will allow participants to create profiles and invite friends.

The website has four main areas:

  1. Trying out make-up on your pictures
  2. Recommendations on how to complete looks
  3. Receiving advice from others about your looks
  4. Trends and tips. Bloggers can also post content, which will link back to the blog. 

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