Thursday, October 10, 2013

Enterprise Games Book Review (O'Reilly Media )

I reviewed Enterprise Games: Using Game Mechanics to Build a Better Business, in exchange for honest review from O'Reilly Media. The book was written by Michael Hugo. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. I could not find the link to the book on O'reilly's site. I chose the book because I am trying to read more business and productivity books. Put my business management degree into use, one way or another.

The first thing, which stood out was the definition of games. Games are a)skill-based b)requires rules c)has voluntary participation and d)requires feedback (p. 1). Games also need a goal. Games also require engagement (participation and communication) from the players.  What is the purpose of the game? Are you trying to win? Are you trying to achieve a specific monetary value? Are you trying to achieve a promotion? Are you seeking tangible or intangible rewards?

The book also discussed how employees want to be challenged. They want to maximize their strengths, talents, and creativity. A job can either motivate and encourage employees to improve or allow boredom and frustration to set in. For example, I had a volunteer job for a few weeks, working in an office. At first, I worked on the computer, creating documents for my supervisor, but then he had nothing for me to do. I had to find ways to stay busy such as cleaning up the office, since they was moving or asking other staff, if they needed something to be done.

Businesses have to develop new games for employees to play. Sitting at a desk all day isn't going to work anymore, especially with the addition of social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for example).

Other factors to consider include employee potential, earning potential, company transparency, feedback systems.

The book was easy to read. It was not full of technical mumbo jumbo. The book is available in print and kindle.

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