Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dear God Book review and blog tour (celestial book promotions)

I read Dear God ... Letters from the Nursing Home, in exchange for honest review from Celestial Book Promotions . This post contains Amazon affiliate links and images. I received a PDF version of the book. The book was written by Mary Ellen Low. The book was illustrated by Nicole Rose and published by Acorn Press.

The book provides letters to God from residents, workers, and visitors of a nursing home.

I chose this book to review because I love seniors. I have volunteered at a senior community center before. The book does have a crazy font for the letters.

The first story was about John, a man with advanced Parkinsons. The letter was written by the admitting nurse. He has been re-admitted after two years of trying to live independently. Being re-admitted means he will stay at the home until he dies.

The next letter is written by John. John is a veteran and the nursing home is his final assignment. Cecelia's letter is funny. She believes someone is stealing from her and wants to place a mouse trap in the closet to catch whoever it is.

The book also has letters written from kids. The book also has a letter from a 105 year old resident, who asks God why isnt' she in Heaven yet.

About the Author:

Mary-Ellen Low has been a nurse for over 30 years, working in long-term nursing. She lives in West Virginia with her husband and two dogs. 

About the Illustrator

Nicole Rose also works in long-term nursing for 11 years. She also lives in West Virginia with her husband and five kids. 

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