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Grace Unplugged and Own It Book reviews (Flyby Blog Promotions)

I reviewed Grace Unplugged by Melody Carson for Flyby Blog Promotions. I also reviewed Own It by Michael and Hayley DiMarco. The post contains Amazon affiliate links and images.

I am behind with this review. I thought it was due next week. I went through a few 100 emails and found the reminder. I am late.

First, Grace Unplugged is a fiction novel. The main character is Grace Trey, an 18 year old singer, who is waiting for her big break. Her big break may cause her to shift from her Christian faith. Will Grace fall to temptation or hold fast to her beliefs. The movie is being released October 4, 2013. I have seen the previews all last week on television. The movie will star AJ Michalka and Kevin Pollack. The movie also features music by Chris Tomlin and Jamie Grace.

Next, Own it, discover your faith in God is a non-fiction book, which discusses owning your faith. When you own something, you take more responsibility for it. You take better care of it than something you are renting or borrowing. People need to own their faith. Be accountable for their beliefs and values.

Some passages, which stood out included:

Your faith isn't so much about what you have done or not done, but what God has done and how much he has loved you. The most awful thing about faltering faith isn't the human relationships, which suffer......but it is the fact that you are missing out on the love and acceptance God has waiting for you (p. 3). 

When you own your faith, you are a changed human being. You are a safe, human being. you don't rely on others to affirm you or accept you, but you are still able to accept and love them. You are able to love unconditionally and any rejection others may offer is no longer something you take personally. (p.3). 

Those passages stood out  and made me want to read more of Own It. I grew up in the Christian faith. I always knew Jesus existed. He died on the cross for our sins, but I'm not sure if I have ever owned my faith. I sometimes still want others to accept me. I hate rejection. The book said I may have faked my faith. On page 7, it states:

Ownership can also apply to a state of heart, a way of living whereby you make what you say and what you do agree. As in when you own your actions, rather than faking your way through life, living a double life, pretending to be something that you aren't in order to please those you love. 

There are a lot of people faking their faith instead of owning it. Recently in Sunday School, a female said that there is a difference between being a fan and a follower of Christ. I have been a fan. I have faked my faith. Just because I believe in Christ, does not make me a owner of the faith. It does not make me devoted. I have to change my behavior, my thoughts, to reflect Christ. I have a lot to work on. like praying more, reading the bible more, stop cussing, and a lot of other things. Just being mostly good isn't good enough. Doing the right things does not make you have ownership of your faith, as well. Having faith in myself and in man, will lead/has led to disappointment.

Own it is a great book to add to your book collection. I wish there was a workbook or study guide for the book. I have read another one of Hayley and Michael DiMarco's books, Cupidity. I got it from Tyndale Rewards. The DiMarco's have a great writing style and I have learned a lot from their books.

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