Friday, September 27, 2013

BryBelly Product Review Craps Rattan Stick and Green Disc Markers

I reviewed BryBelly Craps Rattan stick and Green Disc Markers. This post does contain Amazon affiliate links and images.

First, the craps rattan stick is 36 inches and is made out of solid wood. It is good and sturdy. I had to hide the stick from the kids. My youngest used the stick to practice walking with, but he also tried to spin the stick and hit me a few times. My mother explained the game of craps to me.

Craps is a game, which uses dice. People bet on the outcome of the dice. The stick helps the stickman collect the dice so the dealer can pay out the winners of the game.

I found this website with craps vocabulary . The stick is used to move the dice in a game of craps.

The sticks are the same ones used at casinos, such as Harrah's.

The field cones are 2 inches and made from soft plastic. My kids love the field cones. They have used them for teething practice and throwing around the room. I have incorporated the field discs into Brad's home school curriculum for physical education. I can mark off a playing area outside or in the game room. I also can use them to set up a quick obstacle course.  The kids also used them like eye glasses or telescopes. You really can get creative with the discs.
The set comes with 12 plastic discs.

Both products are available on Amazon. The craps rattan stick is Prime Eligible. The prices range from depending on size of the stick. The green disc markers are 3.99. The discs also come in blue, orange, white and yellow. The discs are not prime eligible.

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