Friday, August 9, 2013

Tyndale Rewards

This is a sponsored post for Fly By Blog Promotions. The post also contains my referral link from Tyndale rewards.

I love Tyndale. I been part of the Tyndale Blog Network since 2011. Tyndale offers a great selection of Christian books to review and purchase. Tyndale recently started a new website called Tyndale Rewards, where you can earn points to obtain books, bibles, and music. It is free to sign up and free to participate. Since joining the program, I have earned points to buy Cupidity, which is an excellent book on relationships. I also got a children's bible story book.

You earn points completing surveys, signing up for newsletters, and of course, referring friends to Tyndale. OR you can join the birthday club or Tyndale's focus group. You also can earn points for reviewing Tyndale Books (provide the URL of your review). The website has an earn points tab with a list of things you can do to earn points. The most efficient way is to refer friends, family, and co-workers. Since it is a newer site, I have completed all of the surveys.

You earn 10 points per book review submitted, with a cap at 50 points. If you love Tyndale and have read a few books, you can do what I did, and go through Amazon, Goodreads, and other book review sites , and submit five of those URLS. Your points never expire. The points only can be used on Tyndale Rewards website. You can save up your points for a big ticket item, like I am. Once you find an item you want, you will redeem it, and then enter your address for mailing. For books, you can download the first chapter for free to see if you will like it.

To find a reward, click on browse. The categories include:
  1. Fiction
  2. Non-Fiction
  3. Bibles
  4. Parenting
  5. Children
  6. Audio
Some products are limited edition. For example, a few months ago, they had a book by Roma Downey. There is currently a slim line bible with limited status. The rewards change regularly, so it's always something fresh. 

Getting Started on Tyndale Rewards:

  1. Go to Tyndale Rewards
  2. Enter your information (email, zip code, etc). 
  3. Submit your information and wait for the confirmation email
  4. Log in with password given in the confirmation email
  5. Go earn points. 


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