Monday, August 19, 2013

Revolt Fitness Week 7

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Revolt Fitness Weight Tracker
Calipers (mm)Measurements (inches)
Weight (lbs)BicepTricepSuperIliacSubscapNeckHipsThighsCalvesChestWaist
Week 11633030403114.754027163738
Week 215714.754022.5153737.5
Week 3155.8144122153736
Week 4156.4144121153735
Week 5151.6144123153632
Week 61532430303414412215.53634.5
Week 7156.2222822321440.523153733

Welcome to week 7. I was a little disappointed last week because I gained weight, but I loss in inches and body fat percentages. I am down to 33% body fat, compared to Week 6. My weight is 156.2 lbs. I don't like gaining, but it could be muscle gain versus fat gain, especially since my body fat percentage changed from 33.43 during week 6 and 33% during week 7. I may increase my weights for next month to 10. Currently, I have 2, 2 lb weights and 2, 5 lb weights. I also may invest in a kettle ball finally. 

I noticed since starting this Revolt Journey, a few other people in my family have decided to try out new things to lose weight. I do wonder if they are safe or not. My mother takes supplements, but does not exercise, unless she does some heavy lifting at work. My niece wrapped saran wrap around her belly, thinking it will sweat away the poundage, but her diet and fitness also has not changed. 

I never taken to any strange diets and exercises before. When I went from 160 something to 130 something a few years ago, I was walking more. I walked to work, over an hour, when I missed the bus. I walked over an hour to a train station if I was bored. I stopped eating a lot of fried foods. I reduced my portion size of foods. I don't like to count calories or weigh food. I also don't have rhythm so Tae bo (Billy Blanks) and Anything with Shaun T. is completely out. That brazilian butt lift commercial looks fun until I saw them doing some combination of latin dances lol. 

Anyway, Let's go week 8. 

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  1. Great job on your weight loss. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Remember that slow and steady wins the race and each day is a new day to try again if you mess up. Keep up the good work.


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