Friday, July 19, 2013

WaterPark Tips for Frugal Moms (US Family Bloggers Schlitterbahn Campaign)

This post is called Waterpark tips for frugal moms. This is part of a campaign sponsored by US Family Guide Bloggers Program. The Schlitterbahn logo and discounts was provided by USFG. 

I am cheap. I am frugal at times. I like saving a buck or two or three. I chose this topic from the suggested topics because it appealed to me. 

WaterPark Tips for Frugal moms (from the email from USFG):
  • The Schlitterbahn offers free parking, free life jackets, and families can bring in food and drinks. 
Tips I can think of:
  • Find some coupons or discounts online. When I was growing up, theme and water parks had people bring in empty coke cans for a discount. No longer do you have to save the empty cans, except for recycling or crafts (or whatever you decide to do with them. Coke can earrings anyone?)
  • Go to the theme or water park website. Look up the Maps. Plan out your vacation, even where everyone is going to eat at. 
  • Instead of buying the majority of your food in the park, bring it in with you, if possible. 
  • Bring trash bags or clear grocery bags with you for wet clothing. Don't have to worry about the kids getting their wet clothes on the seats and other things. I try to carry a bag for the kid's soiled clothes when we go out in public. Accidents happen, but you don't want those accidents messing up everything else either. 
  • Get gas the night before, so you don't have to make multiple stops for gas on the way. My mother is trying to take the family to the Schlitterbahn next week. Even though she has a fancy car, which tells her how many miles to go before the gas runs out, she still waits until the last minute. For example, a few days ago, the power in this area of Houston went out. My mother was at church. She called me saying was the lights out at home, which they was not (at the time). She also said she needed gas, but all the lights at every gas station she passed by, was out. She did not want to stop in the dark to get gas in the dark. She thought she would have enough gas to get from here to her church (over an hour), to the gas station, to back home (another hour or so). Maybe check your tires and fluids as well. Bring that first aid kit and the jumper cables. 
  • Carry cash. Also, make check the debit card balance. Maybe budget for the trip. We are spending no more than X (whatever X is) at the park. See if the park has a clearance section. When the kids and I went to Morgan's Wonderland in December, I saw a lot of things I wanted to  buy, but did not have enough money. I ended up with a draw-string bag because the shirts was not in my spending range. On the way out, I noticed another store with t-shirts for $ 5 dollars. I will trade that bag in for shirts any day. 

What are your tips for saving money on theme and water parks?
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