Friday, July 12, 2013

The ups and downs of hand-me downs

I love a good hand-me down, whether for me or the kids. Clothes, shoes, furniture, books, etc. Every few months I go through and give away some of my stuff, usually using Craigslist. I am currently waiting on someone to come pick up 7 boxes of books, magazines, newspapers, and clothes. It also includes 2 full bags of clothes. No sense in throwing away something, someone else can use, if it is in decent, good, or great condition.

My mother, on the other hand, will buy used furniture and appliances, but not used clothing. She will accept it, but not wear it. The neighbor has donated plenty of clothing, shoes, purses, and furniture over the years to my mother. I have gotten new clothes, shoes, and purses, out of the deal. Yet, why accept the things, if you don't want to wear it or use it? What if I was not here (or anyone, who will wear it). Sometimes she can be too high-maintenance.

The last few times, I gave stuff away, my mother has told me no one wants all the junk. I don't give away holey or bad clothing. and the magazines and newspapers can be used for crafts. The books can be read. I only read fiction books usually once. No point in keeping them around when I am not going to use them again. Toss in a few multiple copies of books, I won and obtained on various sites. I don't need 10 copies of one book.

I went downstairs earlier today. My mother was going through some shoes to throw away in the garbage. I went through the shoes to make sure none of them are mine, and found some good, great, and decent matches in a size 10. Instead of throwing them away, she can give the good ones to church, a homeless shelter, a senior center, or anyone, which can use them.

I am not the nicest person in the world, but I do have a slight, compassionate, giving side. People help me and I help people. For example, before I got pregnant in 2010, I lost some weight. I went from a size 16 to a size 8. 130 lbs. I did not have money to buy size 8 and 10s right away. I was still wearing my old sizes. Someone at work, brought me a big bag of size 8's and 10's. Or after Kalen was born, Brad's old bus driver brought the baby a few big bags of baby clothes. I kept the clothes, which would fit immediately and some for when he grew, but I gave the rest away to the church. anyway, have a nice day


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