Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Jezebel: How to overcome the spirit of control, idolatry, and immorality

Product DetailsI read The Spiritual Warriors Guide to Defeating Jezebel: How to overcome the spirit of control, idolatry, and immorality by Jennifer LeClaire. The book was for review from Bethany House. I received a paperback version. I also been referencing the book on Celibacy Diaries, but this is the full review.

I chose this book because a) it was Christian-Based. b) it focused on idolatry. I been reading a lot about idolatry lately: in the celibacy course I was taking, at church, and in other books. Worshipping other gods besides God is idolatry--whether it is the internet, sex, or even your kids.

I was in a highlighting frenzy with this book. I am not done yet. This book was meant to be read slow because it highlights a lot of crucial points for me. I struggle with a lot of issues, but I did not realize idolatry was one of them. I have put other things before God and truly need to repent.

Some passages, which stood out: (cited directly with page numbers).

  1. Page 17, Jezebels' greatest deception is convincing spirit-filled church goers that it is a power hungry, self-promoting, spirit of control that wants to cozy up to the pastor in order to gain a position of spiritual authority in the local church. this is partly true: Jezebel manifests with control and manipulation, but that is merely the low-hanging fruit of a rotten tree. 
  2. Page 19: Where there is no repentance, immorality eventually sears the conscious. We are no longer sensitive to the spirit of God, yet we long for spiritual encounters...Compromised believers seek supernatural experiences and sometimes encounter demonic manifestations and visitations. 
  3. Page 23: A Jezebelite is quick to encourage sin. A woman confides in her, for instance, that she is having sex out of wedlock. The jezebelite willa sure the woman that it is okay if she is in love, easing the guilt and glossing over any godly conviction the woman might feel. (I deal with this instance a lot, since being celibate. I have heard a few interesting reasons why I need to have sex, even though I am not ready, and I would be disobeying God's plan for sex). 
  4. Page 30: The 21st century church is often willing to overlook sin because a person's gifts is bringing increase to a ministry
  5. Page 31: Just because a church is flowing and growing does not mean it is healthy
  6. Page 32: Sexual immorality is any sexual act outside of the covenant of marriage. Any sexual Act (I did not understand what sexual immorality was at first, but I have a better understanding. I assumed it included thoughts as well. Thoughts can lead to actions, so we need to learn to control our thoughts more.). 
  7. Page 33: People have to make a series of conscious decisions along the road to sexual immorality, reasoning away the reality of sin and relying on God's grace to be there when they are finished pursuing their fleshy desires. Ouch. This one was a crucial point for me. How many times have I did something stupid, dumb, disobedient--knowing it was wrong---but did it anyway--only to repent after? Just because God has grace and mercy, does not mean we are supposed to continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. 
  8. Page 36 But I do believe it is impossible to defeat what you are willing to submit to. In other words, you can not defeat the devil if you are submitting to the devil. You can not defeat Jezebel if you are not willing to resist Jezebel's seductions. This one was a hard one to read as well. If I am engaging in a particular sin, it is hard to defeat it, if I keep doing it over and over again. 
I loved the passages on sexual immorality and purity. Definitely helped me with other things. I still have a lot to work on, but with God all things are possible, provided I follow and obey his words and instructions. I will be posting more posts on this book, probably on Celibacy Diaries. This book was good insight into how a Jezebel spirit affects the church, in addition to individuals. 

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