Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Wednesday

This is my week so far:

  1. Package not arriving from Amazon. Ordered some wireless headphones using my amazon payments account. Package was suppose to arrive Saturday. Went downstairs after getting the package delivered text. No package. Called Fedex. Said they will call back in 24 hours. no phone call. Called Sunday. Was told the driver division was closed until Tuesday. Called Amazon. They refunded my money back to payments and sent me a new set for free. The driver came today. We talked. He said he delivered the package. We still don't know where the first package is. 
  2. Unauthorized charge on Amazon. Checked my debit card account last nite. Saw an unauthorized charge for 85 dollars for Amazon Prime. I already have a prime account and it does not re-charge me until January. Called Amazon. Somehow, someway, a friend of mine got prime with my money. I don't share my amazon information because too much is tied into it (book sales, payments, kindle, create space, kdp select, mturk, etc). I don't share my debit card information. I have a budget and keep a close eye on all my debit card accounts. Plus,  I am cheap lol. My two highest expenses each month are my tithes and Wal-Mart. Not paying for two prime accounts. 
  3. Ultimate Blog Challenge- I signed up for the ultimate blog challenge, which means I have to blog daily and read blogs daily. I am on day 3 and just started today. Internet connection was down part of Sunday, Monday, and yesterday. 
  4. Revolt Challenge. I also signed up for the revolt challenge to lose weight. Still waiting on my scale (I don't know how much I weigh) and calipers to arrive. Package gets here tomorrow. 
  5. Lost internet connection. Sunday. went to church. got home from church. took a nap after church. woke up. went to the pc. internet not working. checked the wireless program. it's working fine. checked the adapter. lights not on. took it out the pc and it had a broken wire. My wonderful two year old broke it while I was sleep. This is not the first one he broke. Called my ISP. Told them the problem. The new one would be here in one to two days, but i have to pay a 10 dollar fee for the new one. No problem. Had a 7 dollar credit on the account. asked them if they can charge the rest to the bill, due Monday. That was a no. Glad I had money on one of the debit card accounts. 

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