Thursday, June 13, 2013

The scavenger Hunt.

Went to Kroger's today to pick up some things for the Private Selection Campaign on BzzAgent. Since, I am used to shopping at HEB, I was lost. I assumed dumbly that all the products would be conveniently located, where I can find it. I WAS WRONG. I had to go down about 10 aisles to find all the items. On top of Brad wanted to ride on top of the cart, and Kalen wanted to throw my items out the basket, including a jar of jelly, which I still got charged for. We got all the items and some of it is slow cooking right now (angus hamburger meat, part of the rub, tomatos, tomato sauce, and onions). Going to make some type of soup to serve with the private selection bread tomorrow. Make some baked taters plus a salad as well. Then, after all was said and done, two of my coupons did not work. yay me. They had to get manager approval to let my items go. Still paid about 50 dollars for all the other groceries I got, while running down the aisles.

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