Thursday, June 13, 2013

Merlot Review

Merlot Skin Care

I reviewed Merlot Skin Care, in exchange for honest review. The company sent me moisturizer, facial cleanser, and body butter. I also got a few samples of night cream. The process was simple. I washed my face in the morning with the cleanser, then applied the moisturizer. At night, I washed my face with the cleanser and the applied the night cream. I used the body butter, in place of lotion. The butter felt so soft and smelt wonderful. The cleanser works wonders. The first time I tried it, my face felt stripped bare, like it was free of any impurities. The moisturizer helped bring some life back into my skin.

I attached some videos of me using the cleanser, but the sound may not be right. I definitely need to be me a digital camera, instead of using the camera phone.


About the products: (paraphrased from the website):

Prices listed are sale prices. Sale ends soon.

Moisturizer: The moisturizer contains red grape seeds. It is anti-aging, SPF 15, Fragrance-free, and non-oily. It also absorbs quickly. The product is 12.75

Grape Seed Cleanser: Cleans, softens, and nourishes. Gentle, soap-free. Helps with Anti-aging. It is mild and non-drying. It contains fruit extracts (papaya, green apple, grape seed, and cucumber. It is $8.25

Body Butter: leaves skin soft and supple. anti-aging, hydrating, and lasts a long time. It is 7.50

Grape Seed MoisturizerGrape Seed CleanserBody Butter
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