Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting to the Root of your Problem

I reviewed Getting to the Root of Your Problem by Dr. Rico Short. I responded to a post on Book Blogs. The book was a 365 day devotional. I received a print edition of the book. The book was published by Author House.

My review:

The book was excellent. It is a daily devotional, full of inspirational (and sometimes hilarious) insights. Some of the insights I liked and helped me included:
  1. Day 6 One of the best tricks Satan uses to convince people that he really does not exist-except on Halloween. 
  2. Day 8 It is amazing to see people who believe in magic, which is an illusion, and not believe in God, who is real
  3. Day 31 If you can't sleep, maybe you need to get up and pray. Somebody always needs prayer. The Lord always wants to hear from you. 
  4. Day 60 Love is not just a feeling. Love is an action....
  5. Day 79 You may not be feeling very well today. Perhaps you been busy and tired. Take a break, but don't give up. The joy of the Lord is your strength. 
  6. Day 133 when issues come up, don't let them blow you out of God's will for your life.....
  7. Day 359 I look forward to paying my bills. Why? Because when someone owes me money, I look forward to them paying me. The golden rule works. 
This book, once again was excellent. I been reading something on a regular basis. Of course I read more than one devotional a day. I loved his style of writing the insights. 

About the author:
  • Dr. Rico Short is an author and Root Canal Specialist. 
  • Dr. Short has been featured in publications, radio, television, internet, and journals. 
  • Dr. Short also has been a featured speaker to youth groups. 
  • Dr. Short can be followed on Facebook and Twitter
  • Dr. Short is married to Angela Short who is a dental hygienist by profession. They have two children: Jayla and Ava. Dr. Short attributes his accomplishments to an understanding and loving wife and kids but most of all to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Dr. Short bases his success on having a Christian Foundation.
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