Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's worse than a Nigerian Scam

What's worse than a Nigerian Scam? An American Scam

Everyone gets those annoying emails, telling you about a long-lost relative in Nigeria or Timbuktu. The relative, whom you never heard of, has left you millions of dollars. Of course, they need your bank account information to transfer the money. Some suckers (people) do fall for these scams. I seen cases on the news and court shows. There was one case, where the woman received a fake check in the mail to cash into her bank account. She then, would keep part of the cash and transfer it back to whoever she got it from. She didn't have a bank account and used her friend's account to cash the check. The friend thought the check was legit but got hit multiple times by the scam. He sued her and won.

Today, I get a text from a dude, I long forgot about. He said he missed me (yet, did not choose to call me or text me on a regular basis).

The conversation went like this:
Dude: Hello Baby, How are you doing?
Me: Im fine. Who is this?
Dude: This is so and so from that website...forgotten so soon
Me: between kids therapies and blogging, probably
Dude: oh ok babe
Me: so How are you
Dude:Im good. miss you huhn
Me: that's sweet. what's on your mind? (this means I want to know what's on your mind. What are you thinking? Except sex of course or asking me for money).
Dude: On my mind? (Are you clueless? I did ask of course. Did you forget what your last text said?)
Dude: I like wanting to be home so I can kiss you (Kiss me? Don't we need to meet first? Don't even know what you look like?)
Me: No, not that
Dude: talk to me babe (at this time, I was texting my youngest son's therapist. she sent me a referral for a neurologist. i called and got kalen an appt in August).
Me: What do you want to talk about?
Dude: Our boy needs your help babe (Our boy? I don't know you. We don't have mutual friends. My BS meter goes up, way up)
Me: With What? (curiosity sinks in. )
Dude: he'll be needing some money and can't get that across to them from here to the states. Can you do this for us
Me: NO
Me: A) I am broke. B) Not sending money to anyone I don't know.
Dude: Which one of the two do you want me to take? (Ok, I guess he thought He could choose A or B. In my mind, I thought he wanted one of my kids at first, I was ready to pounce on this man, I have not met).
Me: Sorry but the answer is both
Dude: This is a personal issue between a father and son. he just want to pay for his project fee and I can't do anything. Is this too much to ask?
Me: well the best I can do is pray for him
Dude: you didn't even care to ask how much he will be needing (Let's see Paypal balance 0, other debit card 0, other debit card (0). How would he like 0.00? Still would not send to someone I really don't know. Don't know him. Don't know the friend. Not sending money overseas. Do I have close friends online? Yes. Have I ever sent money or gifts to an online friend before? Yes. Did I send it overseas? No. Did I feel pressured to send the money? No.
Me. Don't matter. I don't have it. I have a limited income with two special needs kids. and the oldest is almost out of diapers.
Dude: thanks... (Last text and now I am blocking)

Wow. I know everyone is on hard times. I don't mind helping if I got it, but this was a little bit too far. A)I don't know this dude that well online or in person. B) I don't know his friend or his friend's son. C) I don't send money overseas, unless it's my sister. She in Paris or near it for the summer. D) I don't like being pressured after I say no. If this makes me careless and uncompassionate, I guess so. If you want to help your friend, don't text random people to ask for help. That will off-center, (if that's the right word) people. Sell your stuff. Work a little overtime. Sell some sex (not endorsing this, but.....). Edit some papers. Put an ad on CL offering to do housework or babysitting.

I do support Autism Speaks, Breast Cancer, the people that sends the Big Red Box, Easter Seals, and people, who I am personally moved to help. I have done things for people, which no one knows about, because I don't need to brag or uplift myself. Sometimes What  I do, don't need an audience. I don't even always need a thank you. A friend needed something. I had the resources to send it to them. I sent it. The end.

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