Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kroger Indulge without the guilt Bzz Agent Campaign

I received a coupon for free yogurt smoothie bars, in exchange for review from BzzAgent. I bought the  triple berry yogurt bars. The smoothie bars also comes in strawberry banana. The products are low-fat and sugar free. I went to Krogers a week or two ago. I had to pick up a few other things for review as well. The yogurt bars did not make it past 24 hours. The whole family enjoyed them, especially my nephew (vegetarian and allergic to gluten), great-niece, niece, youngest son, and myself. In fact, there was a fight over the last yogurt bar. I got the last one and shared it with Kalen and Riah (son and great niece). When it was over, I took the stick and wrappings to the trash. I got followed big time by two big babies, wanting more. Yeah not a good look for me. One was crawling and trying to hold my leg, and the other was fast walking behind me. I had to give them another popsicle (another brand) from the freezer to calm the youngins down. I definitely will buy again, when I go to Krogers again.

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