Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Challenge to write


I have not done the last few challenges to write. I missed yesterday because I was in a bad mood. My children have therapy two to three, or more days per week. Early Childhood Intervention and Physical therapy for my youngest. Speech therapy for my oldest. I started cleaning downstairs yesterday to get a head start. My mother and I recently cleaned out the hallway closet and attempting to go through, box up, and toss out 7 years worth of stuff. I was cleaning the kitchen first. When I got ready to mop, I pushed everything out of the kitchen area (chairs, Kalen in his stroller, stools, trash).  I started to mop the floors. The floor obviously was wet and slippery. Kalen started crying. My mother's ex didn't want to hear him cry and wanted to bring Kalen into the kitchen. Told Kalen's grandpa multiple times, Do not bring my baby into the kitchen, the floor is wet. Next thing, I know the jackass was doing so anyway. He didn't understand that strollers have wheels. Wheels can get wet and slip and slide. Kalen may slip and slide, hurt his self, and then, I have to go to the hospital, alone---which is not fun. So, I cussed out my kid's grandpa, my mother's ex, the other half of my genetic DNA. Now, he upset because my mother is siding with me. This brings up problems, they had in their relationship. He needs his own place or go back home to his wife or one of his womens, since he thinks he is a player. One reason why women need standards when dating.

So Anyway, I missed two prompts:

5/5 What famous person from history would you like to be stuck in an elevator with and why…

I have no idea. Maybe MLK or Malcolm X. Napoleon or Benedict Arnold. Maybe Jesus and ask him some questions about life. How to overcome some obstacles? How to grow closer to him. How to get over some hurts from my past and move forward.

5/6- What does your family mean to you…

Family is people, who love you, despite your flaws. Family, is people, who will be there for you--even if not all the time. Family may not always be biological. I have close friends, I consider family. I got people, related biologically, that I do not consider family. I tolerate them. I may help them from time to time, but we may never have a close relationship. Family are people, who I can go to for problems, and not feel judged or put down or have self-esteem lowered.

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