Friday, February 15, 2013

Words can change your brain

I read Words can change your brain, in exchange for review from NetGalley. The book was written by Andrew B. Newberg and Mark Robert Walman.

The book discusses how communication can build trust, resolve conflict, and increase intimacy. People need to chose their words carefully, listen, and observe non verbal body cues.

The right words (or wrong ones) can affect stress levels (physical and emotional), behavior, meaning, tangible benefits, and intangible beneifts.

The book also discusses the 12 strategies of compassionate communication: 10 of which includes:

  1. relax
  2. stay present
  3. cultivate inner silence
  4. increase positivity
  5. reflect on deepest values
  6. observe non verbal cues
  7. appreciation
  8. speak warmly
  9. speak slowly
  10. speak briefly

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