Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lost on a familiar road by Kimberly Sowell

I read Lost on a Familiar Road, in exchange for review from Netgalley.com. The book was written by Kimberly Sowell and published by New Hope Publishing.

The book discusses familiarity. Familiarity requires less thought and more routine. Sometimes, we veer off path and not sure which direction to move in. WE also can overload the brain and forget the important things we need to do. We need to prioritize, delegate, and declutter to clear the mind. We also need to ask for perspective on what is cluttering our minds. Next, we need to replace negativity with positive, uplifting thoughts and obedience to Christ. Finally, we need to pray.

The book also provides exercises to assess your faith, you thinking, and your focus on God. I copied a few to OneNote, so I can answer them later. I need to change my perspective on a lot of things in order to achieve balance. The book also provided examples of biblical people, who lost perspective. Martha focused on serving others, instead of God. People thought Noah was crazy for building an Ark. Peter thought Jesus was losing focus because he focused on the carnal, instead of the Kingdom of Christ.

Another highlight: We need to believe beyond our immediate circumstances. The book gave the example of Jay. Jay wanted chocolate milk, but his father brought home white mil. Jay was upset until his daddy poured Chocolate Syrup into the milk (Viola Chocolate Milk).

I love this book and added it to my wish list on Amazon. Will pre-order the book as soon as I get paid next. Love a paperback and I do not order too many paperbacks.

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