Thursday, February 7, 2013

Giving credit to the father 1/20/13

I wrote this back in January at Church.

I am a Wyatt. My mother gave me and my sister, Willie C.'s name, even before they got married years later. Youngest sister is a Wyatt too. Willie C. isn't the best father in the world, but he is the father.

A few weeks ago, I decorated the game room. Added some furniture, cleaned it up, a little decor. Made it neater for Kalen and Sariyah. They needed to crawl around without getting in my way. My room is only so big with limited crawling spaces. We also wrote in chalk on the walls, since they are plan. On one of the longest walls, I wrote THE WYATT Family room.

Wyatt-my mother did not like the word on the wall. She said I was giving Willie C. too much credit, even though Willie C. Wyatt was not even a thought. I could have put Williams or Amerson to honor my great grandma or great grand mom--Fannie Reese Williams or Areletha Reece Williams Amerson Tims. I chose Wyatt because it's my last name. I didn't choose my maiden name, my mother changed it. If I changed my name while married (and never changed it back), it would been the Colquitt family room. My mother easily could have gave me Amerson, since she was not married to Willie yet. Stacie Dorletha Amerson. Rachel Janine Amerson. Kalen Nathaniel Amerson. Sariyah Alise Amerson. but She gave us the name of the father.

The father-a name so powerful, filled with honor. God is the father. He knew us before we was born. Before we was a thought in our parents minds. Our parents are to nurture us and teach us the ways of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. They are to give credit to the father, when the kids wake up each morning, for food, for clothing, for shelter, for everything. Nothing wrong with giving credit to God and his loving son Jesus. They provide our needs and love us unconditionally.

Some women do give their children's father too much or too little credit for what they do, but God deserves all the credit. Without him, we are nothing. We don't exist.

For example, there was an episode of Judge Mathis today. The mother was suing the son for something. The mother gave her son too much credit. He has a job. He has five kids. He takes care of his kids, etc etc, etc. The son told the judge, yes he has a job, but no, he does not support his kids like he should. He easily could have agreed with his mother. Boosted his ego, but he was honest and forthright.

Willie C. also gives himself too much credit at times. On a good day, listen to him boast of the things, he says he used to do, when I have no idea, if he did it. My mother also makes the same claims at times, but I am a skeptic. When you was a baby, I cooked for you (ewwwwww greasy food). I changed your diapers. I taught you how to cook (sorry, but consult Areletha for that. RIP Areletha Reese Williams Tims Amerson May 1, 1940 to November 8, 2000). Not saying, there is not a chance he did all these things, but I frankly don't remember. I remember the drugs and alcohol phase. Not to mention doing time "upstate" lol. You also have to factor in I had epilepsy from 1994 to 1996. that darned tegretol messed up my memory.

But I digress. Have a blessed day.

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