Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The doctors office

This week was an appointment week. Monday: Kalen had 18 month shots. Tuesday, Kalen had early childhood intervention and Brad had speech therapy. Wednesday, Brad had his psych appointment. Friday is Kalen's physical therapy appointment.

I was almost ready to kill Brad's psychiatrist today. Had an 11 am appointment to get his medications for the month. Got to the building, got the kids and the stroller out the car, walked to the door, and it was locked. In fact, the doctor's name was erased from the door. So glad, I had my phone on me. The doctor moved to a bigger office inside the building, versus the old office with just outside access.

The appointment was quick and painless. Made sure to mention my child NEEDS liquids, instead of pills. and we was gone within 10 or so minutes. I also met a woman, who had two Autism chillens. So adorable.

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