Monday, November 19, 2012

The Anger Workbook

I read the Anger Workbook, in exchange for review from The book was wrote by Les Carter and Frank Minirth. The book was also published by Thomas Nelson.

I chose this book because I have anger issues. I have a strong desire to knock people upside the head on a daily basis, not to mention my anger on some unresolved issues, I am working on. Part one of the book talks about identifying your anger. Anger do not always have to be overt or even aggressive. I can be passive aggressive on a lot of issues, irritable, or annoyed. I also will withdraw from people. I am definitely impatient when things do not go as planned. For example, If I need to clean, but have to deal with Brad's meltdowns all day. I am angry because I still have a room/house to clean, but it has to wait until I calm the boy down.

I definitely want to buy the book because I want to write in the exercises provided, such as the anger inventory. A lot of those statements applied to me. The book provides many exercises for people to define their anger, inventory anger, and resolve anger issues.

For example, Minirth and Carter discussed how anger may be prevalent when a person is rejected or invalidated or feels a lack of respect. I also got angry when my needs and wants was not met. I have experienced this type of anger before. The book also has a Christian focus. When I am angry, I need to turn to God, instead of liquor or violence or sex (glad I am celibate now). I also need to admit that I am angry. If I do not resolve my anger, then the cycle of anger continues (diagram in the book. Love it). I am one of those folks, who suppress anger. I need to communicate feelings more often, but I have a distrust in people, in general. The book also says I need to take responsibility for my anger, and not rationalize it. I also need to learn how to forgive others.

I love this book.

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