Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dreams 5/25/2012

My dreams have been vivid and in color since as far back as I remember. My dreams felt alive, no matter how good or bad they was.  They have ranged from the religious to wish to general to demonic. Sometimes a dream can change how I feel/behave around/about a person. If I have a dream, someone killed my children, even if they are non-violent, I will avoid them like the plague.

Last night, I had a horrible dream and been paranoid most of the day. The dream was good at first. The family ( biological and those I claim as family) were sitting around the table discussing children and pregnancy. My biological niece and my play niece both was pregnant and we was discussing their babies. My bio. niece is really pregnant by the way. Then, the dream changed. There was a knock at the door from a delivery man. My mother opened the door without question. Instead of delivering a package, the delivery man delivered a gun. He asked everyone for money and wallets. and then put the gun in my baby's mouth as an incentive to comply. Only my kid, no one elses. and somehow, someway, I moved backwards, like I was walking on air, shaking, as this man shot my 1 year old. and I woke up.

I been watching the door all day. Paranoid. the dream was too real. too vivid. too paranoid.

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