Saturday, May 19, 2012

Introducing Perfect Chaos

Happy Saturday

Hey How are you? My Name is Stacie D. Wyatt, 32 year old female, living in Houston, Texas. I have two kids, Brad (11) and Kalen (1 year). Brad is also autistic. His brain thinks and moves on a different colored spectrum than "normal" folks. I have a bachelor's in business management and working on a dual degree in I/O Psychology. If all goes well,  I will obtain my master's this year and doctorate in 2016. My hobbies include writing poetry, reading, finding free stuff online, music, movies, hulu, kids, books, special needs, babies, etc. I just published my first book of poetry last year and in the process of finishing book 2 (just need my cover art). So far, Chocolate Kisses is on Amazon, Lulu, and Nook. I am waiting review for the Smashwords Edition. I also published three short stories: Conversing with Normality; Conversing with Salvation; and Miscarried. I have an idea for a third book, but I have to start working on it. 

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