Wednesday, February 15, 2017

ASD Reading Review (Tomoson)

I reviewed the ASD Reading Program, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. ASD stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder. I wanted to review the program for Kalen. Kalen has a lovely list of disabilities, including Autism. His other disabilities include:

  1. Global Development Delays
  2. Sensory Processing Disorder
  3. Suspected Long QT Syndrome
  4. Creatine Deficiency Disorder
  5. Static Encephalopathy
  6. Sleep Apnea
The program helps children with Autism learn how to read, write, and comprehend, even if they are non-verbal. The program was created by Dr. Marion Blank (literacy and language)  and Jonathan Blank (technology) (Check out this article about Autism and Reading)

I am a big believer in early childhood education. When Brad was diagnosed, they didn't have many services available. My old insurance wouldn't cover but one session of speech and the ex husband and I could not afford to pay for extra services.

When Kalen started having delays, he received early childhood intervention through WIC. He went to preschool program for children with developmental disabilities (PPCD pre-k for special needs kids). He received occupational and physical therapy in the home. Then, he was referred to Texas Childrens. Kalen started off with a neurologist, but later expanded to cardiology and genetics, based on new conditions discovered.

With the program, I had to try to teach Kalen how to use the computer first. He has shown an interest in computers and phones lately.

Benefits of the program:

  1. You can add multiple children to the program
  2. You can try out the program with a 30 day trial. 
  3. You can earn free months for sharing a personalized link on social media

You can purchase the program using the link above.

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