Sunday, November 13, 2016

Victoria's Love Clear Menstrual Cup Review

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I recieved Victoria's Love Clear Menstrual Cup, in exchange for honest review. I used this during the last few cycles to see how it works. What sets it apart is first, the cup is clear versus the traditional blue or pink. Next, the cup has a built-in valve for releasing discharge, while on the toilet. This makes the process cleaner and less messy. The cup is also made from softer silicone versus other menstrual cups, I have used before.

Cleaning a menstrual cup in public can be a challenge at times. I had a horrible incident a few months ago, but luckily no one came into the bathroom, while I was running back and forth to the sink to clean the cup and myself. The discharge valve is a life saver. To control the valve, you move the ball gently down to release flow and up to stop flow from being released. Moving the ball too fast can case the ball to a) fall through the discharge hole and into the toilet (which has happened before. The cup does come with an extra ball) or b) go too far up into the cup and may fall out as well. The cup also has a clear case.

Side note: If you have blood clots, you may have to still take it out to remove the clots from the cup. Another trick, I have done is to get some tissue and squeeze the cup around the discharge valve to slowly remove any clots.

Another side note: I have had the cup fall out a few times during bowel movements.

Make sure to take out your cup every 12 or so hours and run it under some hot water to freshen it up. Like other menstrual cups, the cup can develop a strong, unpleasant smell when left in too long.

You can purchase the cup using the link above. The company also sells a menstual cup sanitizer for sanitizing your menstrual cups. The cup comes in large and small.

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