Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ohuhu Electric Bug Killer Review (Tomoson)

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I received Ohuhu's electric bug killer in exchange for honest review. I wanted this to help kill flies and other bugs around the house. The device came with the unit plus a removable tray. I didn't get the chain for wall hanging, as stated in the description. The unit emits a bright, blue light, using a uv light bulb.

I am not a fan of chemical sprays but when use them if I have too. I just moved into an apartment and needed to kill a few critters, who seem to love the Texas heat. The apartments do have pest control, who supposed to come out as needed by request. I hate to use one chemical product, the maintenance use another, and nothing dies.

The bug killer is quiet and does kill bugs, but I have seen a few in the tray at a time. Now, the one thing I did not like was the instructions said to use a screwdriver to discharge the device after unplugging with a screwdriver. I have young kids, who mimic and the last thing I need is for them to start sticking screwdrivers in random places. I used the device only when they was not at home and unplugged before they got home to avoid potential safety issues.

You can purchase the electric bug killer using the link above. The device is prime-eligible.

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