Thursday, June 9, 2016

Le-vel Thrive Review (Tomoson)

I received Le-Vel Thrive, in exchange for honest review. I received a 3 day supply of the premium lifestyle mix; the dermal fusion technology patches (DFT), and the thrive w lifestyle capsules. In the mornings, you supposed to take 1 capsule, then wait to take the mix (mix with water like a protein shake), and then apply a dft patch to your body. I applied mine on the shoulder. This is the basic kit, but you can add on other products after you try it out.

First, the Thrive W capsules was designed for women. The thrive M capsules are available for men. The capsule consists of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, probiotics, amino acids, and planet extracts. The capsules can help with weight management; cognitive functioning; healthy joints, and other heath concerns.

Next, the Thrive Mix, available in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, helps with weight management and lean muscle support. I recommend using a protein shaker bottle versus a spoon to mix it with because it will taste grainy.

Finally, the company created DFT patches (available in many colors/designs), infusses the skin with a special formula, over the course of the day.

I did experience a tiny bit of energy over the 3 days I took the product, but I don't know if the system did anything else.

You can read more about Le-vel Thrive using any of the links above.

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